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List of Projects/Clients

Star Programme for economic and social cohesion PHARE 2004 – 2006 (infrastructure projects – grant application forms, feasibility studies, reports, economic and financial analyses)
Star Court decisions, orders, minutes, court related documents
Star Decisions issued by Valcea County Council, Government Decisions, EU regulations, FIDIC Yellow Book
Star Rehabilitation of water supply system, extension of sewerage network and wastewater treatment plants in Ramnicu Vâlcea (ISPA):
  • Application form
  • Impact study 
  • Financial and Institutional Analysis
Master Plan and feasibility study
Star ISPA – „Waste Management Integrated System”
- General Technical Specifications
Star Terms of reference for technical assistance – ISPA instrument
– technical data sheets
Star Terms of reference for the management and supervision of ISPA contracts in Rm. Vâlcea
Star Technical specifications and offers – machines and units
Star Technical specifications – civil engineering and construction materials
Star Contracts, notifications, administrative documents
Star Technical standards
– fresh concrete
– hardened concrete
Star Physical and mathematic models for the study of heat transfer mechanisms at extreme temperatures with applications on the processes of cryogenic and fusion plants
Star Production of electricity from renewable sources
Star Tritium management in processing plants: Applicability at the Detritiation Pilot plant in Rm. Valcea and ITER
Star Development of the tritium separation process by cryogenic distillation applicable in the detritiation plants of the CANDU type reactor and ITER fusion reactor
Star Mini-installation for the production of energy from renewable energy sources – application for micro-units and residential units
Star Physical and structural production and characterization of carbon composite membranes used for the advanced purification of gases with uses in cryogenics
Star Implementation and accreditation of some modern methods of analysis for the gases used in the research labs and for the evaluation of the environment quality according to the European standards
Star Performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
Star  Interference effects in the spectrum of HD:V. the pure rotational and fundamental bands of liquid HD1
Star  H-D-T cryogenic distillation experiments at TPL/JAERI in support of ITER
Star Multivariable robust control of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Star Thermodynamic analysis of an energetic system with PEM type fuel cells
Star Water and thermal management for Ballard PEM fuel cell stack
Star On-line Measurement System of Tritium Concentration in Water by BIXS Method
Star Multivariable robust control system for PEM type fuel cell stacks. Identification of behavior in transitory state operation
Star Development of new carbon selective adsorbents for the control of carbon dioxide emissions coming from various sources
Star Management of tritiated water waste
Star Integrated System of Energy Conversion from renewable sources
Star Producing Energy from Fuel Cells Using Renewable Sources
Star Cryogenic measurement instruments
Star Preparation, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of composite bipolar plate for a fuel cell
Star Design, assembly and operation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stacks to 1 kWe capacity
Star Development of new carbon selective adsorbents for the control of carbon dioxide emissions coming from various sources
Star Hydraulic turbines, gas turbines and auxiliary systems(maintenance, control systems)
Star Power transformers
Star Specifications and technical reports – machinery and plants
Technical specifications – constructions and construction materials
Technical standards – fresh and reinforced concrete
Star System for the static calculation of buried and open air pipe systems
Star Technical manuals: caterpillar, cranes
Star Measurement and control devices – quality management system
Star Technical reports for the water rehabilitation system, environment impact studies, market studies, geotechnical studies, explanatory reports – road infrastructure, area systems of waste collection and temporary storage, technical evaluations for the Exhibition and Conventions Centre NORD OLTENIA


Major clients:

European Commision - Directorate-General for Translation

Valcea County Council

Town Hall of Ramnicu Valcea

Prosecutor's Office attached to Valcea District Court

Valcea District Court

Attorney's Office in Rm. Valcea

SC Hidroelectrica SA

SC Oltcarn Construct SA Râmnicu Vâlcea

Notary Public Offices in Ramnicu Valcea

Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Pentru Tehnologii Criogenice şi Izotopice - ICSI Rm. Vâlcea (National Research and Development Institute for Isotopic and Cryogenic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea)

Buderus România

SC Vilmar SA Râmnicu Vâlcea

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