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Quality System

SC TRADUCOM SRL provides integrated language services in compliance with the relevant European regulations and standards.
The translation project is managed and processed in its entirety from its take-over to delivery - textual pre-processing (electronic and linguistic processing of the source text), actual translation processing and textual post-processing (electronic and linguistic processing of the translated text).

Competences of the translation team for the performance of integrated language services in compliance with the relevant European standards

Professional competences

Professional language competences
Star The translation team at SC TRADUCOM SRL comprises translators with academic qualifications in the field of legal, economic and commercial translations.
Star Mariana POP, who is a self-employed translator at TRADUCOM, has a professional experience of 12 years in translations and the management of large translation projects.

Technical competences
Star The translation team (the translator and the IT expert) has the required technical competences for the management of complex translation projects in terms of translation and form by the application of the specific CAT tools and the use of verified internal terminological databases as well as of online public authorised term banks and documentary resources.
We hold the equipment required for the performance of large translation projects as well as for the management, storage, retrieval, processing and archiving of all the data about clients and completed projects under conditions of safety.
We hold all the necessary communication equipment as well as the hardware and software resources for the management of translation projects.
Research competences
Star If you need essential and reliable information for the preparation of your texts, we can provide an extra free-of-charge service of linguistic and information research activity in relation to your translation. This service consists in the collection of data or information from publicly available authorised and reliable resources (data banks, legislative portals) in the area of specialisation of the source text.

Cultural competences
Star Reliable search engines and public information resources can be made available upon request and integrated into the source text in order to ensure adaptability to specific markets of services and products.
Prin competenţele culturale, vă putem adapta orice informaţie externă legată de promovarea unor servicii/produse sau în sprijinul promovării acestora, la piaţa internă a serviciilor şi produselor.

Quality is assured by:

Star internal procedures in respect of documentation, recording and safe-keeping of translation projects
Star internal procedures for quality control in terms of linguistic and documentary processing
Star internal control procedures for enhanced efficiency of the quality system
Star documented procedures for the assessment of requirements in terms of language services and of clients' demands

The contracts concluded by TRADUCOM for language services comprise at least the following clauses, including the specifications about the language service concerned:

Star copyright and related rights
Star contractual liability
Star confidentiality
Star settlement of disputes
Star quality assurance

Major clients:

European Commision - Directorate-General for Translation

Valcea County Council

Town Hall of Ramnicu Valcea

Prosecutor's Office attached to Valcea District Court

Valcea District Court

Attorney's Office in Rm. Valcea

SC Hidroelectrica SA

SC Oltcarn Construct SA Râmnicu Vâlcea

Notary Public Offices in Ramnicu Valcea

Institutul Naţional de Cercetare-Dezvoltare Pentru Tehnologii Criogenice şi Izotopice - ICSI Rm. Vâlcea (National Research and Development Institute for Isotopic and Cryogenic Technologies – ICSI Rm. Valcea)

Buderus România

SC Vilmar SA Râmnicu Vâlcea

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